Transforming young women from feeling insecure about their bodies to becoming more confident and developing a healthy body image no matter their shape or size.

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About Me

My Professional Bio

Stella is a Confidence Coach to young women and founder of The Lioness Within Coaching.
She developed a unique eight-week programme which helps her clients to:

  • Transform from feeling insecure about their bodies to becoming more confident in their own skin.

  • Develop a healthy body image no matter their shape or size.

  • Challenge limiting beliefs that hold them back.

  • Connect to their inner strength and become more assertive.

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She has delivered part of her programme to 6th form students in Plumstead Manor School.
She currently delivers her programme at The Rosebud Centre for Girls, a charity project that supports the positive development of young women and girls.

Stella was part of the Grit 6-month Breakthrough Coaching Programme for students at the Ark Elvin Academy Wembley, helping the students who took part in the programme to make a positive shift in their self-belief and academic performance.

Her mission is to take her programme into more schools, youth centres, colleges and charities – empowering young women to develop a healthy body image no matter their shape or size.

My Business Journey

Prior to becoming a coach, my background was in office administration. I worked as a secretary, PA and office administrator in the corporate world for many years before deciding to take the coaching route.

My passion for self-development and helping other people to reach their full potential, led me to the realisation that I wanted to be a coach.

I decided to focus on young women because of my personal struggles with body confidence, low self-esteem and insecurities about my appearance; having endured relentless taunts from school bullies as a teenager.


Unleash Your Lioness Programme (Workshop/Group Coaching)

A holistic and transformational 8-session Confidence and Personal Development programme designed to:

  • Help a young woman to identify, confront and overcome her limiting beliefs by developing a positive mindset and tapping into her inner strength.

  • Transform a young woman from feeling insecure about her body to becoming more confident and developing a healthy body image no matter her shape or size.

  • Empower young women to realise that their value and their worth are not based on how they look or how popular they are on instagram and snapchat.

This programme fits in with the Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education which is part of the national curriculum for schools in England.

Smashing Your Goal (One to one coaching)

A 5-session coaching package designed to target a specific goal.

I will work with you to explore your goal including any limiting beliefs you might have around achieving your goal, guide you to come up with an action plan and check in on you to hold you accountable for achieving your goal.

Each session lasts for 40 minutes.

Bonding Time (Workshop/Group Coaching)

A mother and daughter session designed to help mums and daughters relax in each other’s company communicate and chat to their heart’s content.

Come prepared to let your hair down and have fun while learning confidence and self-esteem boosting skills, as well as relaxation techniques.


Young people, particularly young women are under a lot of pressure to conform to a certain body shape or image in order to be considered attractive. This unrealistic body image expectation, reinforced by social media, popular culture, peer pressure and early sexualisation, has led to so much insecurity among teenagers that studies show that young people care more about looking good than they do about their physical health.

I strongly believe that “prevention is better than cure.” It is easier to educate a young woman and equip her with the skills that will empower her to cope with these modern day pressures than to treat and support her when she sinks into depression, resorts to self-harming or succumbs to the despair of eating disorders. It becomes more difficult, more painful, more time-consuming and more resources will be required.

I speak on topics that address these issues and my message needs to be heard, not just by young women but also by parents, teachers, carers and organisations that work with young people. (Please download my speaker bio for more details)


Radio and Podcasts

Stella has worked as a radio talk show presenter, using her show, 'The Pathway', as a platform to discuss issues that affect young women and also to give young women a voice and the opportunity to speak out and share their views on topics like body image, self-harming, eating disorders and abusive and harmful practices on young girls and women.

Guests on her show include –

Steve Beckles-Ebusua , international speaker, author and presenter, also known as the Speaker with the Orange Tie.

Tracy Schmitt also known as Unstoppable Tracy. A four-way amputee who is also a decorated athlete, an international humanitarian, an international speaker who has shared the stage with Mel Gibson, John Travolta and Jane Fonda, an author and best seller, a TV show host, just to mention a few of her incredible achievements.

Simone Vincenzi, also known as the Italian stallion of the business world. An international speaker and trainer who has been recognised as one of the most influential Migrant Entrepreneurs in the Uk. He has been awarded Speaker of The Year 2016 by the ACPTC and has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post and TEDx.

Mary Otuko, UK Programmes Manager for Forward, a wonderful organisation that is committed to safeguarding the rights and dignity of African girls and women.

Pamela Bischof, a NHS Midwife, lecturer and speaker.


Charity Work

Stella volunteers as a speaker for Breast Cancer Care to raise breast awareness and the importance of early detection.

Speaking at the ‘Keeping Gender On The Agenda’ event organised by the Metropolitan Police in Support of Breast Cancer Care at IBM on 5th December 2017. Other speakers included the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick.

Campaigning for Care after treatment with MPs at the House of Commons on 18th July 2018.

Featured on the front cover of the Evening Standard of 11th September 2018 as one of the faces of Breast Cancer Care Month, to raise awareness of care after breast cancer.

Pictured after giving a speech at the Carols By Candlelight 2018, with actors Penelop Wilton, Sarah Hadland, Patron of Breast Cancer Care, Cherie Blair and BBC broadcaster Huw Edwards. They were also speakers at the event.

Carols By Candlelight is an annual charity event organised by Breast Cancer Care at Christmas time.

On the catwalk at the Breast Cancer Care London Fashion Show in October 2017, raising funds and celebrate beating cancer.

First 5k run in July 2014 to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. A month after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

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